Bulk SMS Txt enables our clients with bulk SMS API services. This way, you can send messages to millions of people who belong to different groups like customers, clients, business partners and employees. Some of the great features are least delays, high convenience, no bottlenecks, easy API integration, customization possibilities and affordable cost. These are some of the great features to make us the best API service providers in several cities in India. We have very simple admin panel and API which has all the features to speed up messaging and other processes.

We have developed our API for custom integration with the apps. With robustness and great flexibility, you can easily work in different environments. With bulk SMS API, you will have a code for all applications to integrate API. We use several applications for transactional routes with bulk SMS API with ample satisfaction

One time Password or OTP is a very vital word which is legit for only one login and transaction on digital devices or PC. OTPs sent via SMS provide a great comfort to use cellular device when having security of amazing convenience. Cellular devices are some of the great gadgets that are used by most number of people. This way, SMS is a common stage for OTP delivery without having the organizations to use different gadgets.

This way, OTP is considered to be the important part of organizations for verification purpose. It can be 4 to 8 digits. SMS OTP delivery is a safe option to ensure that the message is sent to the right client. We ensure instant delivery of OTP SMS within few seconds to the specific recipient.